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With Your Support we make sure Washington stands up for Taiwan's freedom and democracy.


We Back Policies that further US relations with Taiwan, increase trade, and uphold America's security.

Affirm the importance of the Taiwan Relations Act

H.R. 494

Tell members of Congress that that our valuable democratic ally Taiwan, and jobs that rely on trade to Taiwan, are more important than conceding to authoritarian Chinese government demands.

Taiwan Policy Act (2013)

H.R. 419

Will strengthen the trade, cultural, and other relations between the people of the United States and the people of Taiwan. Strengthens defense, removes the ban on Taiwanese official visits, and states Taiwan’s future is to be self-determined.

Normalize US-Taiwan Diplomatic Relations

H. Con. Res. 29

Expressing the sense of Congress that the United States should resume normal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It's time to establish full diplomatic relations with our important ally Taiwan.

Funding COSMIC-2

A critically important U.S.-Taiwan weather satellite effort, COSMIC-2, is threatened by delays in U.S.-promised financial support. Ensure sufficient funding in the 2014 NOAA budget to fulfill a signed agreement by the U.S. to help support this important satellite system.

Support Taiwan in the U.N.

H.Con.Res. 55

Expressing the sense of Congress that Taiwan and its 23,000,000 people deserve membership in the United Nations. Taiwan's contributions are needed to build the world of justice and peace that is the United Nations' goal. This resolution will constitute an important step in the right direction.

We Let You Know about important Taiwan-related legislation in Congress.


ACT Video Contest Show our fellow Americans why you love Taiwan with a rap performance, drama, spoken words, dance, flash mob, or anyway you can think of! Just make sure to get it on video!

How to Enter

We Give You Tools to easily voice your support for Taiwan-related legislation.


ACT uses POPVOX to bridge the gap between the input the you want to provide and the information Members of Congress want and need to receive.

With POPVOX, your message to Congress is tied to a specific bill, asking your legislator to take specific action. POPVOX asks for detailed contact information, including your home address and in some cases your phone number, in order to ensure that your message to Congress reaches the appropriate Congressional office.

Who Are We? We are Americans who understand Taiwan’s democracy is important to the United States' own democracy, security, and economy.


Brock Freeman


Brock oversees strategy and future direction, manages social media and builds relationships with rights and cultural organizations.


Lawrence Lin

Media Spokesman

Lawrence is ACT's Media Spokesperson and Member Engagement lead. He also dabbles in email management.


Chung-I Lin


As treasurer, Chung-I is responsible for accounting and finance.


Jerry Wang

Solutions Lead

Jerry oversees ACT's Solutions Team, setting strategy and leading implementation.


Eddie Chen

Design Lead

Eddie leads ACT's design and helps out on the solutions team.


Raymond Yu

ACT Ambassadors Coordinator

Raymond helps with the development and coordination of the ACT Ambassadors program.


En-Tie Soon

Content Team

En-Tie Soon immigrated to the United States about 24 years ago. He is now an Attorney with the Law Office of Richard Linn. He is very concerned about the future of Taiwan.


Alex Chen

Special Projects

Alex works on ACT internal projects.


Yunju Chen

UX Design

Yunju is a member of the Solutions Team and specializes in UX design.


Julie Freeman

Gastronome Lead

Julie leads the Gastronome Team and helps keep everyone very happy.


Li-Fang Hsieh


Li-Fang is a contributing member of the Gastronome Team.


Ya-Tung Chen


Ya-Tung is a contributing member of the Gastronome Team.


Dr. Peter Lin, PhD.


Peter is an economist with experience working for the State of Washington and as a professor.


Linda Lin


Linda advises on ACT policy and strategy.

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